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Welcome to Our Website

Many Huskey and Ogle families across the United States have their roots in Sevier County, TN.  We hope that this website, which focuses on the Ely and Julia (Julie) Ogle Huskey Family of the Sugarlands and Walden’s Creek areas of Sevier County, will provide information to those interested in genealogy and family history.


The material located herein is as accurate as we can make it.  Be aware, however, that mistakes are always possible.  Use this information as a starting place and check it with other sources.  Please point out any errors that you notice when you sign the guest book.


To protect individual privacy, we will provide no information about any living person.


Update:  Ely Huskey's given and surnames are spelled Eli, Ely, Husky, and Huskey on various military and legal documents.  A search of his signatures, however, shows that he always signed his name Ely Huskey


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