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Ely and Julia Ogle Huskey Website

Huskey/Ogle Revolutionary War Veterans

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Ogle Lineage
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Revolutionary War
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Our family is very proud to have men among our forebears who served in the American Revolution.


Ancestors who served       


1.         Henry Bohanon (1753-1842)(father of Nancy who married William Ogle—Black Bill)  (Ogle side)


2.         William Brimer (1758-1834) (father of Mary who was Julia Ogle’s great grandmother.)  (Ogle side)


3.         Moses McCarter (1630/32- ) 3 great grandfather of Ely (Huskey side)


4.         James Miller (?-1805)  (father of Mary “Mollie” who married Peter Huskey)  Ely’s 3 great grandfather (Huskey side)


5.    James Ownby ( 1761-1850)(3 great grandfather of Ely Huskey (Huskey side)


6.         Thomas Ogle (1721-1893)(father of Old Billy)  (Both sides)


7.         William Ogle (1751-1803) (Old Billy) married Martha Jane Huskey  (Both sides)


8.         Timothy Reagan.(1750-?)  Grandfather of Nancy Reagan, great grandmother of Ely (Huskey side)


9.    Samuel Swearingen,  III.( 1750-?), father of Nancy Swearingen who was grandmother of Burton Ogle, Julia’s father.  (Ogle side)


10.    Samuel Swearingen, Jr.  grandfather of Nancy Swearingen (Ogle side)



Relatives who served  

1.        John William Huskey  (no dates)  30 yrs old (youngest son of John Frederick Huskey)  (Huskey side)

2.    James McCarter  (no dates) (son of Moses,  brother of John.   Served under Capt Moody in SC militia.  Served under Capt Siddle in a part of Gen. Andrew Pickens troops.  Served in scouting party commanded by Capt. John McCarter in Abbeville Co. SC.  Received a pension. (Both sides)

3.  John McCarter:  (no dates)  Son of Moses  brother of James.  Served as a Captain in the SC militia in campaigns against the Cherokees. (Both sides)


 4.    Hercules  Ogle (1749/50-1825/30)  (brother of Old Billy)  volunteered to serve in Capt. Jonathan Isom's Co in Militia of Montgomery Co., VA for Rev War  Later moved to Grainger Co., TN.  Wife:  Sarah Morris   Parents:  William and Martha Jane Huskey Ogle  (Both sides)   


5        John Ogle  (1749/55-after 1808)  (Old Billy's brother)  Volunteer in Capt. Jonathan Isom's Co. in Militia of Montgomery Co., VA  Wife Sarah Dennis   Parents Thomas and Elizabeth Robeson Ogle.


6.    Thomas Ogle, Jr. “T. O.(1749-55-before 1830)  (Old Billy’s brother)  Based on family tradition only.  Wife: Isabella Wilson    Parents:  Thomas and Elizabeth Robeson Ogle


       Samuel Swearingen (1732-?)  grandson of Thomas, nephew of Indian Van, Sam III's first cousin once removed. Wife:  Catherine Condel,  Parents"  John and Mary Ray Swearingen  (Ogle Side)   


8.         Thomas Swearingen (c1729-?)  Served in Regulators in NC with brothers Samuel, Jr. and Van.  Wife:  unknown  Parents:  Samuel and Elizabeth Farmer Swearingen


9.          Van Swearingen (1732-?)  Served in Regulators in NC with brothers Samuel, Jr. and Thomas.  Wife Martha Parmenter   Parents:  Samuel and Elizabeth Farmer Swearingen 


10.   Van Swearingen (1743-1793)  "Indian Van"  (son of Samuel, Jr., great grandson of Garrett)  Wife:  Eleanor Virgin   Parents:  Samuel, Jr. and Mary Bolling Swearingen  (Ogle side)



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