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(Boldface and Orange indicate ancestors.  Boldface shows the family line itself; orange emphasizes which child of the family is our ancestor)


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Part I:  Lineage in England


I.  Humphrey de Ogle (Sir Knight)  b.. c1055  in Northumberland, England   d. 1125 in Northumberland, England  m. Unknown.  One known child:  Humphrey de Ogle


II.  Humphrey de Ogle b. c1085 in Northumberland, England   d. c1155, m. Unknown.  Received deed for Ogle Manor from William the Conqueror with “all liberties and royalties”   m. Isabella Unknown.  Humphrey was a Saxon and could easily have lost everything after the Battle of Hastings.  A document from William the Conqueror guaranteed Humphrey all the lands and properties that had been part of his family before the Norman Invasion.  Only a few families in Northumberland were able to regain and hold their possessions.  Two known children:  Gilbert and Robert


III.  Gilbert de Ogle b. c1130 in Northumberland, England   d. c1182 in Northumberland, England    m. Unknown .  Four known children:  Robert (Sir Knight), Gilbert, John (Sir Knight), and Richard


IV.  Richard Ogle b. c1188 in Northumberland England  d. 1252 in Northumberland, England   m. Unknown  Three known children:  Thomas (Sir Knight), Roger, and Gilbert.


V.  Sir Thomas Ogle b. 1200/1219 in Ogle Castle, Northumberland, England   d. 1270 in Bothal Castle, Bothal, Northumberland, England    m. ___Tyson c1254

Two known children:  Alexander and John (Sir Knight)


VI.  Sir John Ogle  b. 1264  in Bothal Castle, Bothal, Northumberland, England   d.  before 3 Jul 1323 in Bothal, Northumberland, England   m. Annabella Selby  c1285  Five known children:  John (Sir Knight), Robert (1 B  Ogle), Richard (Sir Knight), Henry, and  Isabel


VII.  Sir Robert Ogle  b. 1295 in Bothal, Northumberland, England   d. 1350   m. Margaret Gubium c1314  Two known children:  Robert (2 B, Ogle) and Alexander (Sir Knight)


VIII.  Sir Robert Ogle b. c1315 in Ogle, Northumberland, England   d.16 Jun 1362 in Northumberland, England    m. Joan Hepple c1326 and (2) Annabella Terwhite c 1331  Children first marriage:  Robert Ogle (B. Bothal)  Second marriage:  Thomas and Joan


IX.  Sir Robert Ogle b. c1338  in Northumberland, England   d. Nov 1375 Berwick Castle, Berwick, Northumberland, England   m. Helen (Ellen) Bertram c1363    One known child:  Robert (Sir Knight)


X.  Sir Robert Ogle  b  c1370 in Ogle, Northumberland, England   d.  31 Oct 1410  m. Joan de Heton   c1389  in Chillingham, Northumberland, England.  Three known children:  Robert, Joan, and Margery


XI.  Sir Robert Ogle b. 21 May 1389 in Ogle, Northumberland, England   d. 12 Aug 1435/6 in England   m. Matilda (Maud) Grey 21 May 1399 in Tankerville, Northumberland, England.  Maud, the daughter of Sir Thomas Grey,  was a descendent of King Edward I. Thus Ogles descending from her are also descendents of King Edward I.   Eleven known children:  Robert, John, Agnes, William, Jennett, Anne, Margery, Margaret, Joan, Elizabeth, and Constance


Xi.  William Ogle of Choppington  b. 1412 in Choppington, Northumberland, England d. 14 Aug 1474  m. ____Musgrave     William was constable of Prudhoe Castle.   Three known children:  Geneva, Henry, and Margaret


XII.  Henry Ogle  b. ?  d. 1541  m. ____ Musgrave  Five known children:  Luke, Mark, Cuthbert, John, and Matthew


XIII.  Luke Ogle b. 1520 in Eglingham, Northumberland, England   d. 1542 in Eglingham, Northumberland, England   m. Unknown  Two known children:  Luke and Julian


XIV.  Luke Ogle of Eglingham  b. 1540  d. 23 Nov 1597 m. Julian ___  Luke inherited Eglingham from his Uncle Mark.  Two known children:  Luke and Christopher


XV.  Luke Ogle b. 1560 in Eglingham, Northumberland, England   d. 1582  m. Unknown  Died before he could inherit.  Two known children:  Luke and Muriel


XVI.  Luke Ogle of Eglingham  b. 1580  d. 29 Oct 1604  m. Isabella Craster.  Buried at St. Nicholas Church, Newcastle, Northumberland, England.  Succeeded his grandfather and inherited lands from him.  Two known children:  Henry and Nicholas


XVII.  Capt. Henry Ogle of Eglingham  b. 1600 in Eglingham, Northumberland, England  d. c1669 in New Castle, Northumberland, England   m. Jane Forster of Whitehouse.   Represented county in Parliament and entertained Cromwell at his estate.  Active in political activities of the time.  One known child: John


XVIII.  Capt. John Ogle of Eglingham  b. 1621  d. before 11 Jun 1686  m. Eleanor Pringle of Stichell, Scotland. One known son:  John


Part II Lineage in the colonies and America


XIV.  John Ogle of Delaware  b. 30 Sep 1649 in Berwick on Tweed, England  d. Nov 1683/April 1684 in New Castle Co., Delaware  m. Elizabeth Wollasston (?) b.  c.1659/55  d. 1713   John and Elizabeth had at least two sons.  There is debate over the name of John's wife.  One theory holds that she was Elizabeth Petersdotter; another proposes that John married twice.



  1. Thomas Ogle   (c1666-1734)  m. (1) Mary Crawford (1671-1720) (2)  Elizabeth Graham (1702-?) 

  2. John Ogle, Jr (1668-1720) m. Ellizabeth Unknown (1670/75-after 1720)



XV.  John Ogle, Jr.  b. c1668 New Castle Co., DE  d. 1720 New Castle Co., Delaware  m. Elizabeth Unknown ( b. c 1670/75 d. after 1720.)  John and Elizabeth had at least two children:  1 boy and 1 girl

There is debate over John Ogle III's parents.  One theory holds that Thomas and Mary Crawford Ogle rather than John and Elizabeth Ogle are his parents.


  1. John Ogle III  (1690-1741)  m. Elizabeth Robinson (1700-1743)
  2. Elizabeth Ogle (no dates)  m. Benjamin Price (no dates)


XVI.  John Ogle III  b. 1690        New Castle Co., DE  d. c1741 Lancaster Co., PA  m. c1718 in New Castle Co., DE  Elizabeth Robinson (1700-1743) John and Elizabeth had seven children :  4 boys and 3 girls  See note above about John Ogle III's parents.



  1. William B Ogle (1719-1805)  m.Unknown.  Moved to Perry Co., PA
  2. Thomas Ogle (1721-1803)  m. 1748  Elizabeth Robeson moved to Virginia
  3. John Ogle  b. 1723-?)      m.   Unknown    Moved to Mecklinburg Co., NC
  4. Mary Ogle  (1726-?)  m. Unknown
  5. Elizabeth Ogle ((1729-?  M. 1754  John Stille
  6. Hercules Ogle  (1731-1804) m. 1754 Mary Carson.  Moved to Carroll Co., VA
  7. Lucretia Ogle  (1733-?)  m. 1752  Abraham Stroud  Moved to Randolph Co., NC  

XVII. Thomas Ogle b 25 Jul 1721 New Castle DE d. 1803 Grayson Co., VA m. 1748 Elizabeth Robeson b. Unk New Castle DE  d. Unk.  There is some evidence that Hercules, Thomas, John, their wives, and Lucretia and her husband Abraham Stroud moved from Delaware to Southwest Virginia in 1763 but moved to NC after about a year because of Indian problems.  Thomas and Elizabeth had eight children:  5 boys and 3 girls



  1. John Ogle (1749/55-?) m. 1773 to Sarah Dennis (1755-?)    John and Sarah had 13 children:  7 boys and 6 girls.  They lived for a time in Grainger Co., TN
  2. Thomas Ogle, Jr. (1749/55-?  m. Isabella "Eby" Wilson b. 1755/60-?  Thomas and Isabella had 8 children:  5 boys and 3 girls
  3. Hercules Ogle  b. 1749/55-1826 m. (1) Sarah Morris b. before 1775 d. 1826/30 (2) Catherine Wilkes no dates.  Hercules and his family moved to Grainger Co TN before 1803.  Hercules was a Rev. War vet. He and Sarah had 10 children 6 boys and 4 girls
  4. William Ogle b. c1756  d 1803   SC m. Martha Jane Huskey b 1756 NC d. 1816/26 in Sevier Co., TN  William and Martha Jane had 7 children 5 boys and 2 girls
  5. James Ogle b. 10 Nov 1770  d. ?  m. Hannah Brown no dates
  6. Sarah Ogle no dates m. Unk Sargen no dates
  7. Elizabeth Ogle no dates m. William Jennings no dates
  8. Hannah Ogle no dates m. Unk  Richardson 

XVII.  William Ogle  (Old Billy) b. 1751 New Castle DE  d. 1803 Edgefield Co., SC m. 1778 NC Martha Jane Huskey b.1756/60 in NC d. 1816/26 Sevier Co., TN.  William wanted to move his family to the mountains of East TN, but died before he was able to do so.  His wife Martha Jane undertook the project of carrying out William’s dream and led her extended family and her brother Peter Huskey’s extended family to the site that her husband had called “paradise.”  Martha Jane and her children were the “founders” of White Oak Flats which later became Gatlinburg, TN.



  1. Hercules Ogle (1780-c 1854) m. (1) Elizabeth Unknown (2) m.  c1840/50  Rebecca Huskey (Hercules and Elizabeth had 8 children:  4 boys and 4 girls
  2. Rebecca Jane Ogle McCarter Whaley (1782-1870/80) m. (1) James McCarter (?-1815/16) (2) Middleton Whaley
  3. Thomas J.  (1784-1862) m. Sophia Bosley (1789/90-1857)  Thomas J and Sophia had 14 children:  7 boys and 7 girls. Sophia was known for her red hair.
  4. John Ogle (1786-1841)   m.  c1808 Elizabeth McBryant (1786/90-1840)
  5. Isaac Ogle (1788-1881)  m. in VA Susannah Bohanon (1793-before 1880)
  6. William Ogle  (Black Bill) (1790- ?)  m. 1810 Nancy Bohanon (1792 VA- 1869)  William and Nancy had 11 children: 4 boys and 7 girls.
  7. Mary Ann Ogle (Polly)  (1793-?) m.  1811 to William M. Whaley (1789-1880.)  William was a veteran of the War of 1812.  He and Polly had 16 children: 9 boys and 7 girls 

XIX.  William Ogle (Black Bill) b. 1790 in SC  d. ?     m. 1810 to Nancy Bohanan (Sister of Susannah Bohanan, his brother Isaac’s wife) b. 1792 in VA died in 1850 in the Sugarlands.  Black Bill and Nancy had 11 children:  4 boys and 7 girls.  All their children were born in Sevier Co., TN



  1. James Ogle (1812-1858/60) m. c1831 Rachel Huskey (1813-1877)  James and Rachel had 12 children:  4 boys  and 8 girls
  2. William W Ogle (Ned) (1814-1874) m. 11836 in Haywood Co., NC Jane *Jennie) Conner (1820-19 Feb 1898) in Sugarlands  Ned and Jennie had  8 children:  3 boys and 5 girls
  3. Sarah (Sally) Ogle (1816-1901)  m. 1824 Thomas I Ogle (1813-1886)  Sarah and Thomas had 12 children:  5 boys and 7 girls
  4. Jane Ogle (Jennie) (1818-1879) m. 1833 David L. Reagan  (1812-1864) David was a Union soldier who  died during the Civil War  Jane and David had 10 children:  5 boys and 5 girls
  5. Mary Ogle (1820-?) m. c1836 Joseph Anderson (1820-?) Moved West about 1847.  No info on children
  6. Aaron Ogle (1826-1849/50) m  c1848 Penelope Huskey (1827-?)  Moved to Georgia.  Info only on  1 child,  a girl.
  7. Henry Ogle  (18224-1903) m. 1841 (1) Catherine Roberts (1824-1892)  and (2) m. 1895  Mary Ellla Owens (1876-?) Henry and Catherine had 7 children:  4 boys and 3 girls.  Henry and Mary Ella had one son
  8. Elizabeth Ogle (1826-?  m. c1847 John Huskey  (18265-?).  Moved to GA  Info on one child:  a girl
  9. Rachel Ogle (1828-1859) m. c1845 David C. Watson (1825-1913)   Rachel and David had 7 children:  5 boys and 2 girls
  10. Amellia Ogle    (1831-1909)  m. c1846 Robert Conner (1830-1914)  Amillia and Robert had 12 children:  8 boys and 4 girls
  11. Martha Ogle (1822-1902) m. c1850 Samuel P. Watson (1832-1914)  Martha and Samuel had 7 children:  4 boys and 3 girls


XX.  William Ogle (Ned)  b  7 Jan 1814 d. 5 Aug 1874  m 22 Apr 1826 in  Haywood Co., NC  Jane  (Jennie) Conner b. 182- NC   d 19 Feb 1898 in Sugarlands   Jennie was a midwife for people in the Sugarlands area. 



  1. Andrew E. Ogle  (1838-?)  m. 1860 Mary Jane Whaley (1840-after 1880)  Andrew and Mary Jane had 8 children3 boys and 5 girls
  2. Nancy Ogle (1840-?)  m. 1872 Andrew Mather (1845-?)  Moved from area.  Info on one child, a boy.
  3. Elizabeth Jane Ogle (1842-1925)  m. 1858 Lafayette McCarter (1838-1916)  Lafayette was  a Union soldier during the Civil War.  He and Elizabeth Jane had 12 childdren:  6 boys and 6 girls
  4. Sarah  Ogle (1845-?)  m. 1867 Harkless Ogle (1848-?)  Sarah and Harkless had 10 children:  7 boys and 3 girls
  5. Aaron Ogle  (1847-1900)  m. 1867 Mary Elizabeth Dodgen (1845-1919)  Aaron was a Union soldier during the Civil War.  He and Mary had 9 children:  5 boys and 4 girls
  6. Catherine Ogle   (1850-?) m. 1873 Joseph Quilliams (1847-?)  Catherine and Joseph had two known children:  1 boy and 1 girl
  7. Burton Ogle  (1852-1935)  m. 1875 Isophine Newman (1846-1888)  Burton and Isophine had 5 children:  2 boys and 3 girls
  8. Susan Ogle  (1856-?)   m 1875. Taylor Mathes (1858-?) Susan and Taylor had two children;  1 boy and 1 girl 

XXI.  Burton Ogle b.15 March 1851 d. 6 Feb 1935) m. 2 Sep 1875 Isophine Newman b. 6 Nov 1846 d. 8 Jul 1888.  Both buried in the Sugarlands, Sevier Co., TN



  1. David Ogle (b(1877-1935)  m. 1905 Mary Elizabeth (Mollie) Ramsey  Dave and Mollie had 7 children:  6 boys and 1 girl
  2. Carrie Julia Ogle (Julie) (1879-1954) m. Ely Huskey (1878-1956) Julie and Ely had eleven children:  5 boys and 6 girls
  3. Ellen Ogle (1880) died in childhood
  4. Mary Emma (1882-?  M. Lee Whaley  (1884-1948)  Emma and Lee had 3 children:  2 boys and 1 girl
  5. Samuel Ogle (1885-?)  m. Lillie Bolen 1890-1970)  Sam and Lillie had 12 children:  2 boys and 10 girls 

XXII.  Carrie Julia Ogle (Julie)  b. 12 August 1878  d. 10 Jun 1954  m. Ely Huskey b. 27 Dec 1878   d. 18 Feb 1956.   Ely was a volunteer soldier during the Spanish American War and was wounded during his service.  He was a carpenter and farmer.   Julie was only 10 years old when her mother died, but as the oldest daughter she took on the housekeeping chores.  She stood on a chair to cook.  She and Ely had eleven children.



  1. Ruth Huskey  .( 6 Mar 1902- )   m  3 Jul 1920   King J. Floyd  (13 Sep 1894-Jan 1987)  Ruth and King had 5 children:  2 boys and 3 girls  King was in the Army in WWI
  2. Lloyd Huskey  (2 Aug 1904-.Feb 1986)  m. (1)  Etter Ogle (2) living relative 
  3. Emma Huskey  (25 Nov 1906-17 Mar 1933)  m. Herbert Kimsey (8 Aug 1903-25 June 1965)  Emma and Herbert had 2 children: 1 boy and 1 girl :
  4. Earl Huskey  (17 Mar 1909-7 May 1998)  m. Opal Carey (n.d.)  Earl and Opal had  5 children:  2 boys and 3 girls:
  5. Culla Huskey (12 Sep 1911-15 Aug 1956)  m. Jane Parton (12 Jul 1910-1 Feb 1960)  Cull and Jane had no children. 
  6. Dicie Huskey  (12 Dec 1913-15 Nov 1993)  m. Carl Bradley (1 Jan 1910-20 Mar 1988)  Carl and Dice had 3 children: 2 boys and 1 girl. 
  7. Opal Huskey  (4 Jul 1916-26 May 2001)  m. Thomas Israel  (Pete) McCarter (19 Jun 1916 –3 Feb 1964)  Opal and Pete had 2 children: 1 girl and 1 boy  Pete was in the Army Air Corps in WWII
  8. Mabel Huskey  (22 Aug 1918-8 Mar 1998) m. Joseph Franklin Edwards (26 Aug 1918-12 Feb 1981)  Joe and Mabel had 2 children:  1 girl and 1 boy  Joe was in the Army in WWII.
  9. Fred Huskey  (3 Nov 1920-1 Nov 1997) m. living relative  Fred and his wife had no children  Fred was in the Navy in WWII 
  10. Sherrill Huskey  ( 22 Mar 1923-18 Jul 1993) m. living relative  Sherrill and his wife had 1 child, a girl. Sherrill was in the Marines in WWII
  11. Edna Huskey   (17 Dec 1925-19 Nov 2003 )  m. Fred Montgomery  (n.d.-n.d.) Edna and  Fred had no children   









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