Beck, Jeffrey
Beverley, Capt. Harry
Beverley, Major Robert
Bosley, Sophia
Crowson, Robert
Crowson, William
DeWalt, Daniel Sr.
DeWalt Daniel, Part II
Durck (Derrick), Simon
Fouracres, John
Fouracres, Mary Ann
Fox, Adam
Hatcher, Elder Israel
Hatcher, Reuben Sr.
Hatcher, William
Hixe, John
Krebil, Jakob
Koone, Nicholas
Kuhn, Benedictus
Magill, William II
Martin, Martin
McCarter, James
McInturff, Christopher
McInturff, Israel Sr.
Meckendorfer, Johannes
Mosby, Edward
Ogle, John (of Delaware)
Ogle, Thomas
Ogle, Thomas J.
Owenby, James
Ownby, John
Porter, Ambrose
Ragan, Richard
Ragan, Timothy
Reagan, Daniel Wesley
Robinson, Christopher, I
Robinson, William
Shultz, Dr. Martin
Shultz, Valentine
Sims, Capt. William
Sitton (Sutton), Joseph
Stapleton, Robert
Stentz, Johan Heinrich
Sutton, John
Webb, Merry II
Weigand, Michael
Woodson, Dr. John and Sarah
Wormeley, Elizabeth

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